Project Management Consulting

Prior to entering into a commercial purchase of a property, sometimes a commercial inspection must be done to asses the condition of the property. From there a construction consultant may be hired to get a better understanding of costs associated with things like bringing property up to code, remodeling, and abatement of things like asbestos and lead piping.

Our Construction Consulting

Brad Martens Sr. and Troy Martens will guide you through the consulting process and keep you up to date on costs and time spent on the project so that there are no surprises when it comes to an invoice. Commercial projects can be involved and so being sure about what you are buying makes sense.


Reporting is critical when it comes to this type of service, what you see isn’t always what you get. Hiring Martens and Sons is the right choice because we can tailor the reporting to suit any needs. We can report in writing, vie email, and even video if necessary to assist in your consulting needs.

When we’re done

Consulting is good for our business, we will never deny that. People meet us and get to know how detailed and meticulous we are when it comes to things being done right. When we are done consulting we might be willing to become a contractor for your project. We’ll tell you well in advance if we are willing to work with you or unwilling based on any conflicts.

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